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Snowboard instruction
Our Mission

Our purpose is to educate and excite others through mountain exploration. We want to pass on all the skills needed to allow people to reach bigger and better terrain. We want to not only give you the skills but also an unforgettable mountain experience where you immerse yourself in the local culture, food and a community of passionate people.

Our Vision

Our goal is to develop a community of passionate people who are actively enjoying and appreciating what mountains have to offer. We want to be responsible for improving your outdoor abilities to allow you to explore more of the mountains, go steeper, deeper and higher.

Our Story

Zac founded MV to educate and excite people into the outdoors. He believes this can be done through mountain adventures. He has always loved the outdoors, having climbed, hiked, run, biked, paddled, flown and snowboarded all over the world. He has educated himself and developed unforgettable experiences in the outdoors for several decades. He has found that the best experiences are made up of amazing people, expert training, delicious food, different cultures, incredible activities and the great outdoors. Let us show you an unforgettable time!

Our Difference

Many tour companies just provide packages to get you there. We provide a 24/7 knowledgeable tour guide to get the most out of your experience. We are also passionate and dedicated to educating our tour participants to improve their abilities to allow them to access steeper, deeper and further terrain.

Our Ventures...
Who We Are

Mountain Ventures (MV) is a worldwide adventure tour company, passionate about providing all the training and experiences for bigger and better terrain. We do this through guiding & instructing and unforgettable adventure tours currently based around snowboarding and skiing. Previously we have also run rock climbing and high altitude trekking tours. Not only will you have an incredible time but you will also learn amazing skills from expert guides along the way! 


Our Ventures are expert run and organised, hassle free, adventure packed and unforgettable! We pride ourselves on year after year returning guests. Read our testimonials from our previous guests. All Ventures are hosted by our expert guides who have a passion for improving your technique and showing you new, fun and incredible locations.

Each southern hemisphere winter we are based at Falls Creek, Australia, where Zac is available on request for a private snowboard lesson to get you ready for the northern hemisphere. We also have great ski instructors on offer as well.

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